Lyrics for ‘Kehvu Ghanu Ghanu che.’

Kem chho.? mara mitro.!
I am very happy to represent Lyrics and Lyrical video for the Extra Ordinary Song ‘Kahevu Ghanu Ghanu Chhe’ from the Extra Fabulous movie ‘Chhello Divas-A new beginning’.

I had watched this movie more than one time.And I love this song too much.But I can’t find lyrics for this song.Me and thousands of people like me finding the lyrics for this. So I have decided to make this.

I do not have any kind of purpose to break copyright issues holding by the producers of movie.I have just made this for sharing some happiness and love.

I hope the team ‘Chhello Divas-A new beginning’ will understand,appreciate and accept my little effort.

**If you are Gujarati lover and want to read like this poem and more then check  out my other blogs.
For example: (One Romantic Poetry)

#LoveAnthem of the Season.!

Lyrics for ‘Kehvu Ghanu Ghanu Chhe..’



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